This turbo features a newly designed Boost Lab Point-Milled Billet 6+6 Blade 78mm compressor wheel. This new design is extremely efficient at lower shaft speeds compared to other similar size units on the market. This translates into a stronger power band from mid-range rpm to the top-end horsepower.  A 10-blade 75mm turbine wheel drives this rotor assembly. This unit comes standard with a 4" Inlet / 2.5" Outlet compressor housing. Our Twin Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing with 360* Thrust CHRA is designed to handle high boost operation with ease. We are now offering a Dual Ball Bearing option for faster transient response and higher boost capability! The Boost Lab Billet BL-7875 is fully assembled and VSR balanced at our facility and all of our BL turbochargers come with an industry standard 1 year unlimited mileage warranty.  The BL-7875 GEN 2 turbocharger is typically in stock and ships same day. 


  • Compressor Housing: 4" Inlet / 2.5" Outlet (Billet T51R Inlet Available)
  • Compressor Wheel: BL Point-Milled Billet 6+6 Blade 78mm
  • Bearing Type: Twin Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing w/ 360* Thrust Bearing or Dual Ball Bearing
  • Turbine Wheel: Inconel 75mm
  • Turbine Housing: T4 Open .96 A/R w/ 3" V-Band Outlet, T4 Divided 1.25 A/R w/ 4" V-Band Outlet, V-Band In/Out .96 A/R w/ 3" Outlet 
  • Oil Feed: 1/8" NPT (Journal Bearing) | 7/16-24 (Dual Ball Bearing)
  • Warranty: 1 Year/Unlimited Mile 

Boost Lab BL-7875 GEN 2 Billet Turbocharger