Industry first CNC port program for Hellcat / Demon / Trackhawk / Redeye Supercharger. Our custom inlets our based 10 years of supercharger knowledge.  Bringing the most effective inlet we can offer to the market. Our products are cut on a centroid 5 axis cnc machine. Inlets are custom made take into consideration twinscrew rotor efficiency and compression. Ensuring our inlets dont bleed off boost and allow the most air to be moved by the rotors without turbulence. This allows the blower to see gains from down low in the rpm band to the high rpm band. 



- Superchargers are test spun from 4,000 rpms-10,000 rpms to check for rotor clearence, bearing binding or noise, and workmanship is inline for jokerz approval

-Jokerz uses hybrid cermaic bearings rated at a higher rpm then stock and last 5x life of stock bearings. These bearings also offer freed up hp due to less rolling resistance and better tolerances.

-rear bearings will remain stock due to being submerged in oil and not limited by double seals. these bearings being exposed to oil and requiring no seals gives them a higher rpm then the double sealed bearings.

-Bearings rated for higher rpms over stock

- Disassembly, cleaning, inspection upon arrival.

-Blower is assembled to Jokerz race spec 

-custom tooling is required and used by jokerz for assembly and dissassembly 

-race rebuilds are built for race applications and are under heavy stress and conditions.

Jokerz Ported Blower/Snout Full Race Package

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