NO PHYSICAL OR PERMANENT MODIFICATIONS needed to the vehicle for install. NO GRINDING NEEDED.... NO DAMPER REMOVAL NEEDED and....... NO TUNE NEEDED. These billet aluminum “Incognito” sleeves precisely fit directly over your stock engine damper, and utilizes the center crank bolt and step to properly align. The 3 stock damper pulley holes are also utilized a-fix the crank pulley sleeve to the lower damper. The fitment is extremely precise over the OEM dampener with no additional run-out vs stock!

The results... 749whp on a completely stock 2019 hellcat (redeye/demon style box) and 775whp with our direct feed race intake (which will be released next week) baseline for this car was 659whp. 

Ripatuned Incognito Lower Damper Sleeve Kit

Crank Pin Kit
Supercharger Belt Color

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