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2015+ Mopar Charger / Challenger Hellcat, SRT, Scat Pack Complete 9″ IRS Kit
Available Gear Sets : 3.0  3.25  3.50  3.70  3.89  4.11

Pricing has been adjusted to reflect the 4.0″ aluminum driveshaft included in this kit. Inclusion of the driveshafts is based on availability and will be noted here.


The GForce Engineering 9” IRS for the 2015+ Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcat, SRT and Scat Pack is a complete independent rear suspension that replaces your drive-line from the transmission back. Includes a fabricated 9” housing that bolts to the stock differential mounting points. It also includes GForce bullet-proof Renegade or Outlaw axles, 35-spline inner stubs, new outer stubs, 4” aluminum driveshaft and a complete modified rear cradle assembly including cradle to body and diff to cradle bushings.


What makes this kit different than most 9” kits we offer is the modified cradle assembly. In many cases, we strive to make the 9” a “bolt-in” solution that fits into the factory cradle and uses factory mounting locations. However, with the Challenger and Charger, we found there to be several geometry limitations that were proving to be weak points in such a powerful and heavy application. It’s not a secret that the cradle and suspension design in these cars is a dated design. The location of the differential, less-than-desirable axle angles and very soft bushings were causing premature wear and failure in many of the drivetrain parts; including axles, differentials and driveshafts. This problem was only magnified when lowering the car, going to a taller tire or softer springs allowing for more compression on hard launch.


Unlike other platforms like the Mustang and Camaro, the aftermarket support for these vehicles, despite their popularity and immense growth, has been slow. Drivetrain and suspension bushing kits have not been readily available. We knew in order to meet the demands of escalating power in these vehicles, we would have to make the modifications necessary to keep this driveline in tact and operating a high level to support this power.

In 2015, Mopar made a small modification to the rear subframe (cradle) on this platform, adding a second front mount. Now you have 2 rear mounts and 2 front mounts which is an improvement over the 05-14 cradle that only included a single front mount for the differential. Our first step was to create a jig that would allow us to strengthen and modify these cradles to reposition the differential higher in the vehicle. This allows for optimal axle and pinion angle, even under load. This also eliminates excessive wear on the CV’s due to angle and axle centerline. Due to the success of this design, a completely new rear cradle is a part of the GForce 9” kit. These are made from brand new OE Mopar cores. In addition, with each cradle, we go to the trouble of removing all of the OE rubber bushings from assembly. We press in beefy, dual-stage poly bushings into the cradle to body locations and billet aluminum center section bushings.


Purchasing this kit is a lot more than just a center section, axles and driveshaft. It truly is a new driveline; complete with a new, modified subframe, cradle and differential bushings, improved geometry and everything else you would expect from a GForce 9” kit.

9” Assembly:

  • Fully fabricated 9” housing – One-piece, laser cut, CNC-bent and tig welded for flawless finish and unmatched strength
  • Heavy duty front mount
  • Your choice of our Renegade (standard price) or Outlaw (+$400) axles
  • 35 Spline Inner Stubs – One piece, CNC-Machined from billet steel
  • Upgraded outer stubs
  • Strange Engineering Pro-HD Aluminum Third Member with 35 spline S-Trac Differential – Your choice of gear ratio
  • All necessary hardware for installation
  • 4.0″ Aluminum one-piece driveshaft included

Rear Cradle Modifications:

  • All labor for modifications (welding, bushing removal, paint, etc.)
  • New 2-stage, poly cradle bushings (installed)
  • Billet aluminum differential bushings (installed)

New OE Hellcat Cradle Assembly:

  • Brand new core from Mopar purchased direct from GForce

2015+ Mopar Modified Cradle & Complete 9″ IRS Kit

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