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Now offered in a Race and Street versions, with the race version being the lightest option utilizing Anodized Aluminum Spheriflex balls. The Street version is fitted with 17-4 PH stainless steel spheriflex balls for ultimate longevity with a slight weight penalty. 


Whether you are looking to lose a lot of unsprung weight from the front end, or want to get rid of those rubber bushings in your front end (or both!), we have the solution!

With the race version weighing in at right at 3.5 lbs/arm vs 7.1 lbs with the factory steel parts, our high performance front lower control arms are as fast as they are beautiful!  They utilize our incredible Spheriflex bearings which give you the benefits of a steel spherical bearing but without the noise, and are currently offered with super lightweight aircraft aluminum centers.

 They install just like the original parts, but are built strong enough to stand up to the rigors of Autox and road course racing, while light enough to shave that last little bit off of your et's.


*RACE VERSION *Due to limited testing (since these are a brand new part!) we do not know the exact life of these arms in a daily driven scenario, the rest of our arms that utilize our Spheriflex bearing are proving to be a lifetime part, but because these are still undergoing longevity testing we recommend these arms be used more on race vehicles or cars which might be inspected every year or two, and not yet on daily cars that see tens of thousands of miles and potholes and may not be looked at until they have a problem.  We do have some track time on them and are confident in their use as race parts.  Thanks!

 *STREET VERSION* We have decided to release a street version of these control arms that utilize stainless steel spheriflex balls, depending on how long term durability testing of the race version goes; production of the street version may cease. However if the street version proves to be necessary for longevity we will continue to produce it.  



Temporarily delayed on the 2010- arms for a slight redesign, thanks for your patience!


$1,095.00 Regular Price
$849.00Sale Price
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