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They have been a long time coming, now they're here!  

New AADPerformance Sway Bar Endlinks W/Spheriflex for your modern Mopar!  Our original design provides all of the performance of steel heims with none of the noise, for unparalleled durability! Our endlinks are turned out of 1-5/8" 6061-T6511 aluminum billet, with the bearing races bored into the parts, the rebuildable Spheriflex bearings are installed in both ends of the links.  


THERE ARE TWO (2) OPTIONS NOW FOR LENGTH ON the rear endlinks!  Both choices utilize our new mounting location of the back side of the toe link.  For cars running 15" or 17" wheels we have our shortened length endlinks, which clear all 15" wheels we have encountered when used with our control arms AND they have been aligned (some super tight wheels can have interference when either installed on a car whose toe is way out of adjustment, or when using another company's adjustable lower trailing arms that have been adjusted to an extreme in or out.  We also recommend using a v6 swaybar in the rear if you are having clearance issues, they just allow for more clearance everywhere.

The longer version gives comparable clearance to factory endlinks, while being stronger and relocating the mount to the backside of the toe link bolt.  Technically they should clear 17" rims, but we don't guarantee that and havn't tested them for this purpose.  These are what you want for swaybar/control arm clearance on lowered cars and cars that are being used for autox/road course.





Designed to work with our revolutionary Toe Links, our new Exclusive Rear Endlink geometry moves the mounting point for the rear endlinks from the ear that sticks down below the knuckle and interferes with 15" wheels, and moves it to the backside of the toe link, replacing the nut.   You can then remove that ear if you wish to clear smaller wheels!


Designed to provide unparalleled performance and durability, our new Front Endlinks match our Rear Endlinks and look great while enhancing your cornering abilities!


Our Spheriflex design allows us to make the Spherical bearing ball the actual nut, allowing us to get 10 lbs of stuff into more compact, lighter 2 lb package!  These rear endlinks have been designed to be the correct length to clear both our control arms, and 15" wheel barrels, taking the guesswork out of adjusting double-side-threaded endlinks with jam nuts.


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