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Call for an install/Alignment price.


Lighten Your Ride, Boost Your Performance. Are you ready to hit the race track with a car that's faster, lighter, and more responsive than ever before? Gearhead Fabrications presents the ultimate racing package that will take your driving experience to the next level. The race car's suspension system is specially designed to handle the rigorous demands of high-speed racing, while keeping the vehicle stable and responsive. Our cutting-edge suspention ensures that every component of the car is as light as possible, without compromising its structural integrity.


This package Includes:



Cradle lockout kit, Billet adjustable Control arms, Billet adjustable upper forward trailing arms, Billet adjustable lower trailing arms, Billet adjustable lower control arms, Billet adjustable toe arms, Sway bar end links



-Front bumper support beam, Billet adjustable upper control arms, Billet adjustable lower control arms. billet Sway Bar End links


Shims included. 

You will need a special alignment when u are finish. 

GHF: Light Weight Package

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